Wednesday, March 3, 2010

A Very Long Hiatus

I took a very long hiatus from blogging. It was unintentional, just like it always is. I've started so many blogs, deleted them once I become bored, then started over again when I felt the urge to blog. I almost deleted this one only to start over again because it's too hard for me to not use my childrens' names. The OCD in my hates inconsistency and while I like the idea of using nicknames rather than real names for my family members, it is too hard for me to keep up doing that. Besides, the people reading this blog already know the real names of everyone in my life. That is the main reason I nearly deleted this blog rather than just continuing - going from nicknames to real names would make my blog inconsistent.

So, here I go again. Making another attempt to keep up on blogging. Silly me.