Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Thirty-Nine Weeks

Supposedly one one week to go. More than likely it'll be closer to two weeks to go though. I had my 39 week appt this morning and Baby Girl is measuring at 37 weeks, her hb was around 140, and I didn't gain or lose any weight. Dr. K is really such a great ob compared compared to Dr. Uh-oh. She actually stepped out of the room when I undressed to be checked. Sadly, there has been absolutely no progress made since my 36 week appt. I am still only 1cm dilated and not effaced at all. I know this really doesn't mean a whole lot since she'll come when she wants to. Some ladies sit dilated to a 3 for weeks and others can go into labor and not be dilated at all.

Anxiety has gotten a bit better the last couple days. This has helped with my patience. I also got my sleepy-time pills refilled and slept much better last night. This also helps with my patience. Dr. K doesn't want me to go past 41 weeks, so knowing that most likely I have at the most two weeks left helps me be patient. It's nice knowing there is a light at the end of a very long tunnel.

I don't know how elephants do it.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

My Other Love

Wow, an entry that doesn't pertain to The Boy, Baby Girl, The Husband, or pregnancy. This is dedicated to my other love.


I've been trying to come up with my list of top ten bands/artists. I've been really thinking about it and there are certain requirements that allow a band into my top ten: did I have a random obsession with this band, do I know a lot about this band, do I own at least three albums by this band, do I know most of their songs, and do they make me giddy with delight when I hear them at random times?

Then I had to decide the order based on these certain requirements. I also feel that a person's taste in music says a lot about them. According to my taste in music I am a very jumbled and confused person. Makes sense. Yes, you can all make fun of me but I dare you to challenge me on my love for these people.

10) Electric Light Orchestra. ELO. What can one say about ELO that would do them justice? Their songs are so original and what's great is that not one song sounds like another, yet when you hear a song by ELO you know it's ELO. I once used the song Evil Woman as my mom's ring tone. I'm pretty sure she'd cry if she knew that. This is the most fun band ever.

9) Hall & Oates. Yes, I can hear you snickering but gosh one great song after another with them, and they didn't just stop at their own music. They wrote songs for so many other people. So much fun. They are terrible actors though. But gosh, their hair was the best. And no one had a sexier moustache than Oates.

8) Supertramp. Seriously. Love. This. Band. I only have two albums. I haven't heard a lot of their songs, but this band falls into the category of giddiness when heard. I once had a blog named Supertramp. Love Supertramp.

7) Led Zeppelin. I can't think of one bad thing to say about Led Zeppelin. They have some of the most beautiful lyrics ever written. If you take the time to actually listen to them, they are very poetic at times. Baby baby baby baby oh baby. Great musicians and a voice that is distinct. Doesn't get much better. There is so much more to this band than Stairway to Heaven.

6) Dave Matthews Band. I'll be honest, I haven't stayed current with DMB in the last few years because they went from putting out amazing albums to average albums and then there was the whole taking a dump on Chicago incident. But, this is a band that played a very important part in my life from 1995 to 2000. This was my band. When I was in high school, none of my friends liked DMB (obviously didn't know good music if it came up and bit them in the butt) but my brothers did and we used to sit around and play Monopoly or Rummy and listen to Crash. Then I worked at Chili's for awhile and my closest friends there were also huge Dave fans so it was easy to keep up on his music then.

5) Pink Floyd. Let's face it; there isn't another band that I have an entire day set aside each year to celebrate. I am really looking forward to PF Day 2009 when I can sit back, watch The Wall, and enjoy a bloody mary. I just need an evening when The Husband, The Boy, and Baby Girl are all gone because PF Day is meant to be just me and PF and no one else. Or else I'll have to move the DVD player up to the bedroom and keep everyone out...except Wriley. The Dog is allowed to celebrate with me.

4) Alison Krauss [and Union Station]. I always find myself coming back to AKUS. She is incredible. The whole band is incredible. They seem to have a song to fit anything I am feeling and bluegrass is just so much fun and enjoyable and makes me want to run around naked in a feel of wheat.

3) Porcupine Tree. Along with Bela Fleck, I have seen this band [in concert] more than any other band. Who are PT, you ask? You should look them up, listen to In Absentia, and never look back. I was hooked from the first moment I heard Blackest Eyes. Steven Wilson (and all members) is an amazing musician and song-writer. I am honestly thankful that PT has not found fame the way other bands have because it makes them more accessible to their fans. This band helped me learn about other bands out there and find a whole new world of music to enjoy.

2) Abba. God Bless Abba. Phenomenal voices, phenomenal song-writing skills, phenomenal band. I "discovered" Abba my senior year of high school and managed to find old records of theirs and spent most of my time memorizing their songs and actually attempting to learn Swedish. Plus, Benny's hot. Teehee.

1) The Beatles. Sounds pretty generic, I suppose, but anyone who knows me knows that my love for The Beatles goes beyond the norm. I have read books, own many albums, and have been obsessed with The Beatles since I was 15. True fans of The Beatles know that George was the real musician of the band and that Ringo, despite his mediocre drumming style, was the glue in the end. They also know that John was on brilliant yet truly messed up individual and Paul was and is a sell-out. Okay, I know these are really my own opinions and you can completely disagree with me and that's fine. I also think people need to leave Yoko alone. She did not break up The Beatles; The Beatles were looking for any excuse to break up and go their own way and Yoko worked out to be a pretty good scape goat. Yoko may have the worst voice in the entire world, but she is full of love and is a pretty rad artist, in my opinion.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Thirty-Eight Weeks

She can come any time.

I don't think I've progressed really at all since I was checked at thirty-six weeks, but anything can happen. I'm sick of hearing about how things happen with second pregnancies vs. the first because really, she's going to come when she is good and ready...which will probably be some time in October.

I've been having some issues with anxiety for the last week. I will sometimes feel like I've had ten cups of coffee but really I've had none. I get really jittery, my jaw aches and is really tense, I can hardly breathe, and my heart races. The doc I saw yesterday wasn't too concerned right now, but wants me to keep an eye on things and if they don't get better after she is born then we'll talk about medication. I worry more about PPD, but I didn't have much more than just the baby blues with The Boy, so hopefully that won't be a problem this time either.

I took The Boy to Build-A-Bear today to celebrate Big Brother Celebration Day. He picked out a dog that I named Jack and he loves him! I also got him a stroller to push Jack around and he is obsessed with it. I knew a stroller would be a big hit because The Boy is obsessed with his own stroller. I also got new shoes for him because his feet are huge and he has outgrown his other shoes. He is now a size six! SIX! Big foot!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Lord, Beer Me Strength

I am so anxious. Yesterday I was anxious. Today I am anxious. In my head I have a list of things I need to do before Baby Girl arrives, but it's really too soon to do some of these things. I need to wash up the floor gyms, stroller pads, bouncer and swing pads, baby bottles, breast pump supplies, etc. But once I wash them I have nowhere to put them for the time being except right where I got them from, in the basement, and then I'd have to wash them again.

The Boy has been obnoxiously cuddly the last couple days. He has been willingly sitting on my lap for upwards of thirty minutes...without books! He's just been cuddling and talking to me and snuggling his buddies (right now Radish, his little Beanie Baby, is his favorite). Tomorrow he is going to be seventeen months old. He is like a little five-year-old stuffed into a seventeen month old's body. Everyday he is saying new words, words we haven't tried to teach him, and he is retaining information like you wouldn't believe.

Some of his more funny moments are when he yells, "Hey!" or "Hey! You!" He also referred to "upstairs" as "upsteps" yesterday. That was adorable. He will count to three if I start off with one. It sounds like "doh....DAH!" Three is always yelled. It's a very important number. He still loves saying doctor, uh-oh, hi, hide, and eyes. Eyes is appropriately accompanied by a swift poke into one's eye.

He is going to be an amazing big brother. I just hope he isn't assuming that Baby Sister is going to either a) come out of my boob or b) be a giant lizard. Right now if I ask him where Baby Sister is he either points to my lizard tattoo or my boob. He's slightly confused.

Today is our third anniversary. I really want to go have dinner at San Chez, but I don't want to bring The Boy along. Some dinners out with him are easy, but most are a bit frustrating. I'd like to have a nice date night before Baby Girl arrives because once she is here, our date nights will be even more sparse than they are now.

Husband, if you read this, I love you!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Thirty-Seven Weeks

I don't think I was this anxious towards the end last time I was pregnant. I'm considered full term now and would love to have her by the end of the day, but there are a lot of reasons why I also don't want to have her until her due date.

1. My sister is in Tennessee and I'd really like her to be at the delivery.
2. The doctor I'd like to deliver her is going to be on vacation next week.
3. I want to spend as much one-on-one time with The Boy as possible before I have to share my time.
4. The Husband has a very busy week of work next week.
5. My nursing tank hasn't arrived yet and I want it for in the hospital. It's on back order so it'll be a race to see which arrives first - the baby or the shirt.
6. Forty weeks is probably better than thirty-seven weeks.
7. I still haven't washed up sheets, bouncer stuff, etc or set up a place for her to sleep.
8. I like my sleep.

Those are pretty good reasons to be patient and not be so antsy to have this baby.

Last week at my appointment I was dilated to a one and my cervix hadn't begun to thin out yet. I didn't get checked this week for which I am grateful. My lady bits still hurt from the exam last week. Today Baby Girl's hb was about 150 and sounded very swishy and wet and different. Somehow she is sitting very much right on top of my bladder yet her butt is crammed up into my ribs. I am very compact. I am measuring two weeks behind still, no biggie. I do not expect to have her until I am at least thirty-nine weeks, and for reasons already mentioned, I suppose I am grateful.

I have been crampy and contracty for a week now, but nothing is regular or getting more intense, so I doubt there is a whole lot happening in the progress department anyway.

I've been spoiling The Boy on our last few weeks just the two of us. Yummy snacks and treats, lots of book reading and chase games. This boy is my life and I am worried what will happen to our relationship when Baby Girl arrives. I sure am going to miss him when I'm in the hospital!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Thirty-Six Weeks

Yesterday I turned thirty-six weeks. Four weeks left. Maybe less. I hope less. At my appointment I was dilated to a one. It was also the last time I'd be seeing Dr. Uh-Oh, as The Boy calls her. I am very excited because now I get to see Dr. Wonka, the man who delivered The Boy. He was fantastic!

I've been very crampy, lots of contractions on and off for several days now. I've also been having the poos, which was a sure sign that I was going to be going into labor with The Boy. We'll see when Baby Girl decides to make her grand entrance, I'm hoping it won't be forty weeks. The only thing that makes me want her to wait that long is the prospect of having two due date babies.

I'm feeling very anxious, nervous, and nostalgic these last few days. I've been listening to some of my favorite bands with The Boy and remembering some of the times when I started listening to those bands - before I had kids. Part of me really misses that freedom, but then I realize I'm so close to bringing Baby Girl into the world and I wouldn't have it any other way.

The Boy is waiting for me to feed him some Maple and Brown Sugar Cream of Wheat, so I best be going.