Sunday, August 8, 2010

a letter to my daughter

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Dear Natalie,

Tomorrow we leave for the cottage and you won't be back home for over a week. Part of me is super dreading tomorrow because I don't know what to expect with you being away from your comfort zone for so long. I should really be getting you and your brother packed (not you guys literally, haha. Your stuff I mean!) for this next week, but I'm putting it off.

Next week will be the first time that your daddy and I will get a vacation away from you guys. Let me rephrase that in a more positive way - not away from your guys, but without you. I don't like being away from you and your bubby, but at some point it has to happen. I guess I'm putting it off because I really felt more drawn to watching you play this afternoon.

You're growing up way too fast and doing so many new things every day. I'm afraid I'm going to miss something while you're with others. Today you started trying to dress yourself. Your big brother still doesn't know how to do that! You won't be one for three more weeks, and you're already a pro at walking, feeding yourself, and now dressing yourself? What next? Algebra?

You are one of the most independent babies I have ever seen. You will not let anyone help you do anything! Forget baby food, you want big kid stuff! And Heaven-forbid us holding a bottle for you! You are ready for sippies! You are so curious and already creative; you love phones and will use any toy to use as a phone.

There are so many things I want to remember about you at this age and since I haven't kept up on your baby book (BAD MOMMY! Someday I will try to catch up, I promise!), I'll try to remember these things now.

You love your car seat. You don't actually love to be strapped into it, but leave it in the middle of the room and it is the first place you go to relax. You love to try and work the straps yourself.

Patty-cake is your favorite game! You are an old-pro at rolling it. Tossing you up is a great climax to the rolling! I never learned the "toss you way up" part until I met your Grandma C. I always said, "put it in the oven," but I think putting you in the oven wouldn't be as exciting as tossing you up.

Food. You love food. Any food. You eat anything and everything from dill pickles to cottage cheese. Put it in front of you and you will consume long as we don't try to feed it to you!

TIMMY. There is no one else in this world that you love as much as your brother (except Mommy and Daddy perhaps?). You follow him around like he is the only person in this world. The funny thing is, while you should be imitating him, he is the one imitating you. That is just your personalities. He loves his "Noodles" more than anything, too. He loves to give you rides on his dump truck and always brings you toys if he thinks you are sad or bored. Despite the fact that he gets mad at you for taking his cars or he pushes you down, you are already inseparable.

Then, of course, there is Mommy and Daddy. I guess we're just here at your beckon call. Hungry? Have a boob. Tired? Have a snuggle. You are a great little snuggler, but now that you can walk you just want to be on the move all the time!

You are a little chatterbox - when you want to be. No one hears you talk but us. You already say hi, uh-oh, dada, mama, and yes. You also will imitate so many random words when we least expect it!

I can't believe you're almost one. You are a blessing, joy, and the reason I get out of bed. I love you so much, sweet Natty Claire!



Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Timmyism #5 (and then some)

On Monday we were getting ready to pick my mom up to spend the day with us and Timmy told me, "Mommy sit in back seat, Timmy DRIIIIIIVE!"

On Monday night, Timmy ripped his shorts off, balled them up, threw them across the room and yelled, "He shoots! He SCOOOORES!! YES!" Thank you, Twist, on Fresh Beat Band.

This morning as I changed his diaper, he told me, "There's a sheep!"
"There's a sheep?" I ask.
"Where is the sheep?"
"In my bum bum!" He grins.
"There's a sheep in your bum bum?"

That poor sheep.