Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Timmyism #4

Timmy is really working on his manipulation and lying skills. Today he has been sooo full of it!!

[one] This morning he asked to have some "ohs" (cheerios) for morning snack, so I got him a bowl of dry ohs and brought them to him. He, in typical toddler manner, started crying and yelled, "NO OHS!" I gently tell him, "You can have ohs because you asked for them, or you can have nothing. He keeps crying so I remind him again, ohs or nothing. He stops crying for a minute, smirks a little, and slyly responds, "OR a fruit bar." STINKER.

[two] He hates to get changed right now, especially if he's poopy. I always tell him that if he cooperates I can get done faster, and he's starting to understand but most of the time he still kicks and puts up a fight when he gets changed. Knowing all of this, when I asked if he was poopy and ready for a change I watched the corners of his mouth turn a little. He tried so hard not to smile when he told me, "No, Mommy, I no poopy." I peeked in his dipe and sure enough, he had himself a healthy poo. STINKER. literally.

[three] Timmy's absolute favorite TV show right now is The Fresh Beat Band. I am so sick to death of Beat Band I could puke, so when I needed him to watch a show so I could get some things done, he asks for Beat Band. I suggest his second favorite show, Team UmiZoomi. He says, "NO! Beat Band!" so I say, "How aboooouuuuuut....UmiZoomi!" He quickly replies, "How aboooooouuuuut, Beat Band!" STINKER!!!

I'm Not That Mom

You know those SAHMs that are able to have the house cleaned before ten a.m. and have not only been able to shower, but all of their children are bathed and dress too? Then they easily leave the house even though the mom is outnumbered by children? They run errands with no issues and even throw in a trip to the park where the kids play nicely together and don't fall off of stuff and get hurt? Then they come home, eat a lunch of homemade macaroni and freshly squeezed lemonade and before the kids settle down for a nap they do an art project together where no one gets messy and the mom smiles and takes pictures of all the new projects? Then when the children wake up from their naps they enjoy a nice snack of raw vegetables with no complaining and then everyone shuffles outside for a nice backyard adventure? Then before Daddy arrives home dinner is in the oven and the children are cleaned up and reading books together?

Yeah...that's not me and those aren't my kids. I lose my mind several times before ten a.m. and I'm lucky to have showered before noon. My kids will be yelled at and sat in time out more times than I can count before we even get to lunch. Lunch will be a battle because my two-year-old is the pickiest eater ever and will only eat a pile of ketchup on some days. And his lunch? Burger King breakfast [btw, BK has the best coffee!]. It's so stinkin' hot these days that I can't bear going outside without getting physically sick [no joke] so my poor kids have to sit inside with the a/c on where we watch several episodes of Yo Gabba Gabba and The Fresh Beat Band because it's the only thing I can do to keep them entertained so I can clean the kitchen or write this blog.

Doing any type of art project takes more set up and cleaning time than it does the amount of time that my children will spend doing the project. I can't even get them to color without eating the crayons [Timmy prefers green...does that count as a veggie?].

So, I'm sorry, Facebook Moms that always have great status updates about all the fun stuff you've done with your kids. You're either some sort of miraculous being or your full of it...and you know what I mean.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Spotted Summer

At the endof May, Timmy & Natalie both came down with high fevers for no apparent reason. Nat's was around 102 and Timmy's got as high as 104. Nat's fever came on first, and because it wouldn't stay down and she was unbearably cranky, I took her into the doc to find out she had an ear infection. We got a script for Amoxicillin and were on our way. Within a day or two, Timmy's fever came on fast and furious. He had been refusing to eat and was unusually cranky and snuggly. I took the kids to see my sister (she's a PA), since it was the weekend, and as she was looking at Timmy, spots started forming on his face, hands and feet. She knew immediately that it was HFMD.

A few days after that, Natalie suddenly came down with a case of a spotted rash all over her body. I wasn't sure if she had HFMD or hives, so I took her to the doc and sure enough, she had hives as a reaction to the Amoxicillin. She was spotted from head to toe!

To top it off, it wasn't even two days later and Chris came down with HFMD. It's rare in adults, but I guess in my house we must share everything. It took awhile, but after a week or two, everyone was feeling better.

Until last week. I noticed that Timmy & Nat both had terrible spotty diaper rashes again and soon enough, little spots started forming on Natalie's face, hands, and feet. She had finally gotten HFMD. I looked at Timmy and he had little blisters on his hands and feet and was eating terribly at dinner again.

My kids both had HFMD - Timmy for the second time. Well, this time, I got it. My mouth is in so much pain and my throat is sore. I can't eat, talk, or swallow comfortably. I have little pokey blisters on my hands and feet. Why did we have to have such a spotty summer?

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Ten Months and Walking

Did I mention Natalie's last milestone? That's right - she's walking! She started taking a few steps right around when she turned ten months old on the first, but now she's all over the place! She gets upset if she has to sit still even if that means squirming away and streaking around the house because she rolled away mid-diaper change.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Timmyism #3

It's way past Timmy's bedtime, but he's being so good we don't want to interrupt his fun playing. What is he doing?

"I drive black car!" This can go one of two ways - really good or really bad. Thankfully this time it's really good...and really funny! "I get my shoes."

"We're not going outside right now, Timmy," I tell him, but he is way ahead of me. He quickly steps into Daddy's work shoes, on the wrong feet of course. Then he says, "I get my keys!" To make him happy, I hand him Daddy's keys. He shuffles to the door and tries to turn the knob.

"I go to work now. Bye Mommy, see you later." After a minute he turns and shuffles across the room. "I home now. I go to food store." After a minute he turns around and announces, "I home now."

This whole scenario repeats itself for, well, we're going on twenty minutes now. Occasionally he stops to yell, "Bye Mom. See you later. Bye Daddy, Mommy. Bye, Mom, Dad." Then he adds, "Have a good shopping trip, Adios Daddy."

At one point he climbed onto one of his riding toys and tried to drive it with Daddy's shoes on, jingling the keys happily. He keeps telling us he's driving Daddy's black car.

Updating: Now he's not only going to work and to the food store, he's going downtown! This kid kills me.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Timmyism #2

Timmy: Bye, Mommy! See you later!
Me: Where are you going?
Timmy: I drive car to work! I go to work!
Me: Where do you go to work?
Timmy: Drive car to work.
Me: What do you do for your job?
Timmy: Drive cars!

Maybe he's a valet?

Timmyism #1

Timmy had been begging for a sucker all morning. He kept asking for one and I kept telling him no. Finally, I needed to change him so I told him, "Let's change you first then we can discuss a sucker." After I change him he looks up at me and says, "Let's talk about that sucker."