Monday, February 13, 2012

50 Reasons Why I Love Husband

An early Valentine's Day Present.

1. He actually married me.
2. His scar is sexy.
3. His pure blue eyes.
4. His long, dark eyelashes.
5. His full lips and the way he kisses with them.
6. His smile is so sly and sweet at the same time.
7. The way he doesn't know colors.
8. He is so, so, so patient with me and my faults.
9. How he gets so mad at sports but not much else.
10. He is supportive to anything I want to try and do with my life.
11. He's so handsome and we make such cute kids together.
12. He handles life's surprises in stride.
13. He loves and accepts my family.
14. He speaks his mind in a way that I am not able to.
15. He can also speak his opinion without being judgmental towards others.
16. He loves to read and reads "real" books and not garbage.
17. He makes up silly games to play with the kids.
18. He makes up fun nicknames for the kids, me, and even the pets.
19. He will watch some of my crazy TV shows with me, even though he teases me the entire time.
20. He is starting to take after his dad by making corny jokes with strangers.
21. He takes an active interest in my pregnancies and doesn't mind talking with me about being pregnant.
22. He actually cares about what we name our children.
23. He is athletic and excelled at every sport he ever played.
24. I married the homecoming king.
25. He thinks out and does special things for me when I least expect it.
26. He makes the most delicious food I have ever eaten.
27. He is a grill least to me!
28. If I have something on my mind he listens to me.
29. He does so much around the house - more than most husbands I hear about.
30. He smells good...and showers daily.
31. He is a lovely snuggler.
32. He remembers most of what I tell him which is awesome considering I am wordy most of the time.
33. He has fuzzy feet. And ears.
34. Whenever possible, he allows me to have time to myself when I need it.
35. When it comes to decisions about my body (i.e. breastfeeding) he lets me make those decisions without judgment.
36. He gets up really early in the morning with the kids and let's me sleep in especially after a long night with the baby.
37. He puts Timmy and Natalie to bed every night after reading books and singing songs with them.
38. He will play outside in the cold, brisk Michigan winters and during the hot and humid summer months even if it involves dragging kids around in sleds or wagons.
39. He is not afraid to say "I love you" to me and the kids.
40. He thinks I'm funny and somewhat smart.
41. When he picks out clothes for Natalie and picks out a shirt that says something about Daddy.
42. His drawings that he makes with the kids are fantastic.
43. He works long hours to support our family so that I can stay home with the kids.
44. He realizes that when I complain about the kids that it doesn't mean I don't like doing being home with them.
45. He doesn't make fun of me and the kids for naming inanimate objects and actually joins in the naming of certain objects like our vehicles.
46. He doesn't get ticked when he comes home from work and the house is trashed.
47. He tries to replicate my favorite meals from restaurants.
48. He has introduced me to a whole new world of music and TV that I didn't think I'd ever really be into like Phish and 24 (back in the day).
49. He has the kids make cards for people on special days.
50. He is an overall smart, sexy, handsome, sweet, funny, genuine guy that I love with my whole heart. Not just half of it.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

FAIL! And Updates :)

Yep. I totally failed at blogging more frequently. OOPS. Oh well!

So what's new around here?


With Sammy: He will be seven months old on Monday! He is learning to sit, can roll from back to front, and gets on his hands and knees and rocks. It won't be long and he will be a mobile baby! Well, he is now but only in reverse.

He had his first (and my first) choking experience a couple weeks ago. I had to do the baby heimlich. Scary! Thankfully he was just fine and even laughed afterwards.

He loves to eat! His favorites are squash and pears. The only food I've come across that he really shows any dislike for is peas. He is the first of my babies to like the baby food meats LOL!

He had surgery recently to correct his Hypospadias. He did great and is all better now!

He is currently 17.5lbs and 28" long! Big boy! He just got his first big boy car seat as well - he has moved up to a MyRide!

With Natalie: Miss Noodles is as funny and feisty as ever. She loves to yell at us and constantly tells us to "stop it!" Though usually it's irrelevant to anything going on at the time. She also likes to say things are "scary" and she does it in this sad little tone.

She has starting showing an interest in the potty and has even had a few days where she's worn underwear! She still has accidents but has also started going pee in "Timmy's potty" as well. Such a big girl!

She counts all the time now and with help can count to twenty. She also knows her abc*s and can recognize probably half of the letters now. She loves to sing and dance and does both all day long. Her love right now is being a ballerina and will rip off her clothes and wear only a tutu and her ballet shoes for most of the day and will spin and spin saying that she is a ballerina. We've started calling her "Natalina Ballerina" after her favorite show and she answers to it.

She still loves Gabba. She also loves Bob the Builder. She adores her brothers "Baby Sammy Salmon" and "Hiffy" more than anything. She's been quite the daddy's girl lately too.

With Timmy: Timmy is still our silly almost FOUR! year old. He has days where he is nonstop naughty and days where he is so good and helpful. Some days I see a light at the end of the tunnel that the worst is over with his terrible toddler years and then other days all I wait for is the kids to be in bed and to sit with a glass of wine and unwind. He is so sensitive and emotional - I love that about him. He cares deeply for everyone and is so observant to so many things. He has a phenomenal photographic memory and while driving around town can recall where things are or were - things like where certain ArtPrize entries were located, like Steam Pig and the car that had all sorts of junk plastered all over it. The kids always ask about Steam Pig so I told them he moved to Arizona. Heaven forbid we ever actually go to Arizona and I have to explain why we can't go visit that blasted pig.

Timmy's love is Bob the Builder. He loves to go out and dig. I think it's because Timmy loves Bob so much that Natalie does too. She wants to do everything her brother does. In turn though, Timmy loves to do anything Natalie loves as well so lately he has taken to stripping down to his underwear and being a ballerina as well. They are inseparable best friends.

He is doing really well in preschool. He seems to be that kid who is friends with everyone including the teachers. His best friends still remain Lucas and Ryan. He constantly talks about them and recently drew pictures for them at home and made me mail them to his friends. He also talks a lot about Charlie A and Paige C. Recently he has mentioned Spencer and Sam as well.

He had a regression recently with using the potty but a trip to the doctor last week including a finger poke to check his blood glucose helped him get back on the right track. He went five days in a row with no accidents! This is huge considering there were some days when it would be one accident after the other. He really doesn't want to go back and have his finger poked again.

Timmy has learned how to write his name! T-i-M. Though sometimes it's upside, backwards, or mixed up - but he can do it!

With Wriley: She smells like crap and scares the kids. She annoys me but I still love her.

With Me & Chris: We got a new van! We will be getting rid of McCoy soon. We now have a 2003 Olds Silhouette. Power doors, heated leather seats, DVD/TV set up, and to me the most exciting thing is that it has sliders on BOTH sides, not just on the passenger side. We're moving up in the world! This is the most exciting thing I have to share about us, haha.