Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Day Three

Chris is in Arizona (for work) this week. We brought him to the airport on Monday morning then went to the viewing park for a little bit to watch planes. They either weren't using the runway we were closest to or no planes were coming in or taking off at that time. We did get to see a couple planes take off from the runway across the field and Timmy was convinced that they were Daddy's planes. I didn't tell him otherwise.

We needed to get out for a bit that afternoon, so I decided to take the kids on a Big Brother/Sister Adventure Day to the mall. When I was pregnant with Timmy I took him to Build-a-Bear to build his own baby. I wanted to do the same for Natalie. She loved it in there and wanted to pick out every animal. The first animal she went for was of course the same dog that Timmy has two of already, so I had her pick out a different animal. She picked a big brown bunny that she named (yes, she named it!) Butterfly. I was going to let Timmy pick another one out but he didn't want to so I didn't argue. Instead I took him to Kohls and he picked out a new loader. I told them these were their gifts from Baby Brother.

We spent the rest of Monday just hanging out and playing. Timmy cried for Daddy for a few minutes at bedtime but then passed out quickly. Nat didn't go to bed as easily and was awake til 9.

We were up bright and early yesterday morning because Natalie had a cough attack due to allergies. Once she was up and around her cough cleared up and she was fine for the rest of the day. We went out to OUAC for a little bit yesterday morning. I found a cute puppy blanket (Gymbo!) for Baby Brother for $1.50! Can't beat that! I also got Natalie a leash for $3.50 and she actually loves it and wants to wear it all the time. We came home and had lunch then the kids went down for rest. When they got up we walked to the store so I could get stuff to make dinner. That was a mistake on my part. Even though it was only a few blocks away my back was killing me when we got back.

My parents picked up the kids for dinner and took them to the park so I had some time to hang out on my own which was awesome and so appreciated. It had been a long day of Timmy peeing in the yard, peeing in his pants, going outside to pee rather than peeing in the bathroom, and other potty-training adventures.

The kids went to bed really well even though they were hyper from being out with Grandma and Grandpa. They both coughed a lot on and off all night though, poor kids. Nat was up around 5 coughing her little head off so I got her a sippy of ice water and that seemed to help.

Today our plans are NOTHING. We are not leaving the house. We are staying here, enjoying the beautiful weather, watching some shows, and taking it easy. We're almost halfway done!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Timmyism #10 The Poop Edition

[one] "I'm pooping butterflies!" Said while *finally* pooping (the tiniest little poop) on the potty.

[two] He has been obsessed with pretending to be a dog lately. This includes doing his potties outside. He finds a pile of dog poop and pees on it. Awesome.

[three] Everything is poop lately. "Mommy are you pooping?" Asked while I'm standing in the kitchen. Yes, Timmy; I'm pooping in the kitchen.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Natalie-ism #1

Natalie has been talking up a storm lately, so I figured it's time for her to get her own "ism" post!

[one] Tonight I was rocking Natalie at bedtime and she started doing a weird little spit followed by "ha ha ha" all breathy-like. She did this about six times then said, "Bye bye!" It was then that I realized she was doing Biz's Beat of the Day.

[two] We went to the park a few days ago. Natalie is such a free-spirit and loves to swing. In words that only a little girl can use, I learned why she loves to swing so much. "Clouds! Clouds! Clouds!" She would reach up high and say "clouds" over and over again. My sweet baby girl was trying to reach the sky! She also started singing Laurie Berkner's song "In the Clouds" while reaching high. She could have sat in that swing all day. Dream big, Baby Girl!

[three] Her life revolves around Yo! Gabba Gabba, if you haven't caught on yet. She and Timmy will sit for several minutes and sing together, "Bite bite bite?" Then the other will reply, "No no no!" "Chomp chomp chomp?" "Yes yes yes!" They do this over and over again. Too bad neither of them have learned from that song that we do not bite our friends...or parents for that matter.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Timmyism #9 Sunday Night Edition

[one] The kids are really into Jack's Big Music Show right now and they play a lot of Laurie Berkner videos. One of the songs she does is called In The Clouds and while watching this video Timmy told me, "I want to play in the clouds, Mommy!" So the other night when the kids were having a bath, I put in a lot of bubbles and told him that he was playing in clouds. This thrilled him.

[two] Our cat Abbey has the tendency to puke if she eats too much or too fast, so one morning last week when I got up and came downstairs, Timmy told me about how Abbey puked and he didn't want to eat the cat puke. EW.

[three] Timmy has been into telling "jokes" and making people laugh. During lunch one afternoon last week he suddenly started saying, "Natalie is a banana!" And the two of them would laugh hysterically. Then he said, "Mommy, you're a...PIANO!" Oh boy, I've got a funny little guy on my hands! At least he thinks so!