Monday, July 13, 2015

Samuel is FOUR!

My Best Buddy, my Sweet Sammerson turned four today. FOUR. My baby is four. Where did the time go? Awhile back I mentioned that he is a sweet, sensitive kiddo who is always doing his best to make others feel better (even if he is the one that caused them pain). He's still that way and spends much of his time smooching me and telling me how much he loves me.

Here are some other random things about Sammy at FOUR! years old so I can remember what he was like when I read back on this.

~ He is quirky. It's the number one word I use to describe him. His arms and hands are his favorite toys - and as annoying as that is to me, at least the kid can entertain himself. He used to use his hands as fans, but now they are birds. We are desperately trying to break this habit of his and we're getting closer. He loves to pretend he's a fan and will flap his arms around and sometimes falls backwards onto the ground and says he's a broke fan. He asks people to turn him on and off by tapping his head. He will ask you to put new batteries into his hands. He will talk to anyone and everyone about fans. Helicopters have fans, boats have fans...anything that resembles a fan is a fan and he loves it. The way Timmy remembers what everyone drives, Sammy remembers what kinds of fans and air conditioners everyone has.

~ He LOVES kitties. And birdies. And doggies. And kitties. Black Kitty (OBK) and Gray Kitty (OGK) are his beloveds. He quite often pretends he's a cat named Meowtions. (Meowsions? Meowshuns?) He loves to chase birds at the park and at the beach. He definitely has a soft spot for animals.

~ He is very much like me in that he feels emotionally connected to music. I've never seen a chid his age cry because of a song making him feel sad or because it moves him. Twice, the song Ripples by Genesis has made him cry big dragon tears and just a few days ago, he heard a pretty classical piano piece that made him sob because it made him feel sad. I love this about him. I hope he's never afraid to show that things make him feel a certain way.

~ He is four and I still have no idea if he is right handed or left handed. More often than not I see him favor his left hand to eat, brush his teeth, or color, but he will often go back and forth so I'm still not sure. By six months old I knew Timmy was left handed and Natalie was right handed.

~ He still talks like a toddler at times. He's got a super cute way of saying certain words, like "blacelet" for bracelet, "ploblem" for problem, and his r sound is still a w sound. So cute.

~ He learned how to ride a bike without trainings wheels at just 3.5 years old - way ahead of the other two which totally surprised me! Tim and Nat were both four, but closer to five when they learned. He's quite athletic already, just like both of his siblings and his dad. Definitely doesn't get it from me!

~ He is slowly learning how to sign all of the letters of the alphabet. I figured if he loves to use his hands so much, he should do something useful with his quirks :) We'll soon be working on some other basic signs.

~ He is a big time hugger and snuggler. He loves to be cuddled.

That's about all I can think of right now. I'm just proud of the cutie pie he is and how he is totally unique. There's not a single kid out there like him!

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