Sunday, October 9, 2016

Classical Music

You guys, I love music. We all know this. I love all types of music and can appreciate a little bit of everything from time to time as long as it's not too obnoxious or full of nasty crap. For instance, I love Prodigy. I also love Benny Goodman and that's who I am going to talk about today.

I am so grateful to my dad and my mom both for playing classical music for me as a child (and jazz as Benny Goodman was mostly known for his swing and jazz style music). Some of my most favorite memories are afternoon naps and going to bed when my mom would play Benny Goodman doing Mozart. ( ) I'm currently listening to it right now and all it does is stir up those rare happy moments from my childhood.

I remember my dad and my sister both playing the clarinet when I was a kid and I wished I had the skill to pick up a clarinet and play it without sounding like a dying mouse. I can play a saxophone, but I can't even begin to play a clarinet. Speaking of dying mice, we caught a mouse in our living room the other night and the poor little turd got it's tail stuck under our couch leg and there was a lovely little path of mouse blood. So gross. Poor little Stuart.

Some of my other favorite classical music would be Haydn's Horn Concerto #1. ( ) I could play this (near) perfectly and when I wanted to play it for solo & ensemble, my band teacher said it was too difficult for me. He wouldn't even give me a chance to play part of it for him. You can ask my mom, she'll vouch for my French Horn playing abilities.

This is a popular one, most people recognize this when they hear it, but it's still lovely. Vivaldi Four Seasons -

For some insanely creepy yet beautiful and moving music, look no further than The Changeling soundtrack. Fantastic movie (RIP George C Scott) with amazing music. The Music Box Theme is so eerie and macabre. Full Soundtrack Music Box Theme

Anyway, I have a feeling this post will go unseen but I'll later look at it and be able to find links to some of my favorite pieces. Enjoy :)

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